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Monday, November 17

10:30am CET

OFBiz: What Do Business Users See and Want? - Sharan Foga, OFBiz Project
Every year companies spend large amounts of money looking for and evaluating an ERP to install for their business.

The Apache Open For Business (OFBiz) codebase may be robust and the data model impeccable but it is the Business End Users and not necessarily the Technical teams that choose what will be implemented.

OFBiz is a free open source ERP which is good value budget-wise – so when the end users come looking – what do they see? Is it what they want or expect?

In this presentation Sharan Foga will take a look at OFBiz through the eyes of the business end users and discuss the key things they see as most important when evaluating an ERP.


Sharan Foga

Director, Community & Developer Relations, Instaclustr By NetApp
Sharan Foga is an Independent Consultant who has over 20 years in the IT industry working on the delivery and implementation of ERP and business systems. She has been involved with the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) since 2008 and has presented at several conferences about "The... Read More →

Monday November 17, 2014 10:30am - 11:20am CET

11:30am CET

Brewing With Apache OFBiz - Pierre Smits, SOMONAR B.V.
Apache OFBiz is an integrated suite of business applications for Small and Medium Enterprises, enabling uses in domains like CRM, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Management, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Project Management and Accounting. As such Apache OFBiz can be deployed in companies active in any area of the manufacturing sector, e.g. assembly, mining, food & beverages,.

Pierre will present a case study of the implementation of Apache OFBiz in a small European brewery and will highlight the challenges, opportunities and business aspects.

avatar for Pierre Smits

Pierre Smits

Founder and CEO, SOMONAR B.V.
Pierre Smits is the founder and owner of ORRTIZ.COM and is a contributor to the OFBiz project since 2009. He has been working as a developer, implementer, project manager and solution architect and has worked for customers as Royal Philips, De Telegraaf (media), Vanderlande Industries... Read More →

Monday November 17, 2014 11:30am - 12:20pm CET

1:40pm CET

Introduction To A Groovy Based DSL For Apache OFBiz - Jacopo Cappellato, HotWax Media
Apache OFBiz is a framework and a suite of applications for the automation of enterprise tasks (e.g. ERP, CRM, MRP, E-Commerce). Although usable out of the box, OFBiz often requires the customization of some of its components for managing specific business processes. In order to rapidly and effectively integrate new functionalities, developers need a programming environment that allows to focus on the business logic without being distracted by low level coding details. Up to now, the best practice has been to use Minilang, an xml based Domain Specific Language (DSL) developed by the OFBiz community, together with plain Java and Groovy, when more flexibility is needed. In this presentation, Jacopo Cappellato will outline the limitations of the current approach and will propose a new Groovy based DSL that could become the only language you'll need to know for the customization of OFBiz.

avatar for Jacopo Cappellato

Jacopo Cappellato

VP Technology, HotWax Media
Jacopo is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and a committer and chairperson of the Project Management Committee (PMC) for the OFBiz Apache project, to which he has participated since 2003. Jacopo is the CTO and member of the Executive Team at HotWax Systems. Prior to his... Read More →

Monday November 17, 2014 1:40pm - 2:30pm CET

2:40pm CET

GUI Unit Test For Apache OFBiz - Olivier Heintz, Nereide
Apache OFBiz is a ERP and also a technical and functional framework. It allows to build strong and adapted solution for managing Company.
Currently there are a lot of Junit test for internal business process but there are no test for user interface, because most of time standard GUI is modified in customer project implementation.
This presentation will show how to realize GUI unit test with selenium and webdriver to test Portal page with portlet, and how to integrate test in a continuous integration environment Jenkins(ex Hudson).
With standardized tests like these, it's possible, in a customer project to deploy a complete test coverage to guaranty quality and scalability.

avatar for Olivier Heintz

Olivier Heintz

CIO and Business Architect, Apache-OFBiz
Olivier Heintz is CIO and Business Architect dedicated to Apache-OFBiz since 2003. He has over 30 years of experience in IT with core skills in Supply Chain Management, Shop Floor Control, Inventory Integration and Accounting. He has managed many OFBiz implementation projects and... Read More →

Monday November 17, 2014 2:40pm - 3:30pm CET

3:50pm CET

Apache OFBiz Infra Task Automation For Deployment And Hosting - Nicolas Malin, Nereide
Apache OFBiz community is mainly composed of Service Company. For each client project, it is necessary to use multiple environments : sand box - integration - pre-prod - prod.
This presentation is a feedback and a resume of our best practices in the OFBiz customization methodology and every steps of customer project management : Initialization, realization, user test, production environment upgrade
In the course of this presentation we will speak about main step and rules for OFBiz client project to make reliable and smooth deployment ;-)

avatar for Nicolas Malin

Nicolas Malin

_NA_, Néréide
Nicolas Malin works and contributes to Apache OFBiz since 2004, he has a system administrator training, but works mostly in the OFBiz project as an analyst and development specialist. He worked in multiple project with Apache-OFBiz for multiple size company, from 10 people to multinational... Read More →

Monday November 17, 2014 3:50pm - 4:40pm CET

4:50pm CET

Introduction To A Recommender System For Apache OFBiz - Anahita Goljahani
Recommender Systems are engines aimed at predicting users preferences based, e.g., on knowledge about past behaviors of similar users. Recommender Systems have become very popular in the recent years, e.g., to suggest products to buy, articles to read or music to listen. One of the main advantages of Recommendations is that they allow users to discover items that a simple search might not show up. This is one of the reasons why Recommendation engines have become a desirable, if not essential, component of commercial platforms.

In this presentation, Anahita Goljahani will discuss the design of a Recommender System for Apache OFBiz (http://ofbiz.apache.org/), the popular solution for the automation of business applications (ERP, CRM, MRP, E-Commerce, etc.).

avatar for Anahita Goljahani

Anahita Goljahani

Anahita Goljahani is a consultant that has been involved in several research projects and has published articles for international conferences and scientific journals. Her interests include signal processing approaches for telecommunication systems and neuroscience investigations... Read More →

Monday November 17, 2014 4:50pm - 5:40pm CET

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