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Tuesday, November 18

11:20am CET

Scaling Solrcloud To A Very Large Number Of Collections - Shalin Shekhar Mangar, LucidWorks, Inc.
The traditional and typical search use case is the one large search collection distributed among many nodes and shared by all users. However, there is a class of applications which need a large number of small or medium collections which can be used, managed and scaled separately. This talk will cover Shalin and LucidWorks' efforts in helping a client set up a large scale SolrCloud setup with thousands of collections running on hundreds of nodes. Shalin will describe the bottlenecks that were found in SolrCloud when running a large number of collections and also the many features and optimisations that were contributed to Apache Solr to reduce or remove the choke points in the system. Finally, Shalin will talk about the benchmarking process and the lessons learned from supporting such an installation in production.

avatar for Shalin Shekhar Mangar

Shalin Shekhar Mangar

Senior Solr Consultant, Lucidworks
I am a committer on Apache Lucene/Solr since 2008 as well as a member of the Lucene/Solr project management committee. I currently work at Lucidworks Inc. on Apache Solr and Lucidworks Search mostly on the SolrCloud side of things. In the past, I've worked at AOL for five years on... Read More →

Tuesday November 18, 2014 11:20am - 12:10pm CET

3:50pm CET

Security As A Service Leveraged By Apache Projects - Oliver Wulff, Talend
This talk illustrates how you can build a Security solution for Web Applications and Web Services by combining different Apache Projects. This solution can be used for internal applications and applications hosted in the cloud by supporting federation.
The talk focus on the Apache Projects CXF/Fediz and Syncope. Apache Fediz is a subproject of the CXF project which provides a Web Services standard with wide range on WS-* support in the security space. Fediz on the one hand provides Web Application SSO and on the other hand integrates with the CXF Web Services security layer. This allows to support impersonation end-to-end based on industry standards. Apache Syncope is a perfect combination to CXF and Fediz to provide a tooling to manage identities and its permissions.
The talk finishes with the demonstration of the stack CXF, Fediz and Syncope.


Oliver Wulff

Solution Architect, Talend
Oliver Wulff works as a Solution Architect for Talend. He is actively working with Talend ESB in customer projects, which is based on the Apache projects CXF, Camel and Karaf. Oliver is an active commiter to the Apache CXF project as well. His passion is security where he supports... Read More →

Tuesday November 18, 2014 3:50pm - 4:40pm CET
Wednesday, November 19

9:30am CET

OSv: Probably The Best OS For Cloud Workloads You've Never Heard Of - Roman Shaposhnik, Pivotal
OSv is the revolutionary new open source technology that combines the power of virtualization and micro-services architecture. This combination allows unmodified applications deployed in a virtualized environment to outperform bare-metal deployments. Yes. You've heard it right: for the first time ever we can stop asking the question of how much performance would I lose if I virtualize. OSv lets you ask a different question: how much would my application gain in performance if I virtualize it. This talk will start by looking into the architecture of OSv and the kind of optimizations it makes possible for native, unmodified applications. We will then focus on JVM-specific optimizations and specifically on speedups available to ASF projects when they are deployed on OSv

avatar for Roman Shaposhnik

Roman Shaposhnik

Director of Open Source, Linux Foundation
Apache Software Foundation and Data, oh but also unikernels

Wednesday November 19, 2014 9:30am - 10:20am CET

10:40am CET

OSGi Remote Services In A Microservices World - Marcel Offermans, Luminis Technologies
In a Microservices architecture applications get decomposed into functionally cohesive services that are implemented as separate processes that interact through the network using simple protocols. This allows applications to scale during deployment by distributing and replicating the services across compute resources as required.

However popular, common criticism includes the use of implicit and poorly defined interfaces, the fact that every component must implement remoting concerns and the fact that it introduces significant processing overhead as every service invocation traverses the network, even if the services are on the same box!

In this presentation we discuss how OSGi Remote Services can address these concerns in an OSGi context by providing the developer strongly typed services that may or may not actually be transparently remoted across a scaled-out deployment.


Marcel Offermans

Director, Luminis Technologies
Marcel Offermans is the Director at Luminis Technologies. He has been involved in lots of commercial OSGi projects for over eight years and is responsible for the architecture, development and support of an OSGi and cloud based software provisioning product. He is also a member of... Read More →

Wednesday November 19, 2014 10:40am - 11:30am CET

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