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Tuesday, November 18

10:00am CET

Intro To Apache Usergrid, The BaaS Build On Cassandra - David Johnson, Apigee Corp
Whether you are building a mobile app or a web app, Apache Usergrid (incubating) can provide you with a complete backend that supports authentication, persistence and social features like activities and followers all via a comprehensive REST API — and backed by Cassandra, giving you linear scalability. All that, and Usergrid is open source too.

This session will explain how you can use Usergrid to provide a back-end for your application. We’ll start with an overview of Usergrid features, then explore in depth how to authenticate users, store data and query data with the REST API provided by a Usergrid server. We’ll develop a simple HTML5 app and package it as a native mobile app via Apache Cordova. We'll also cover how to run Usergrid locally for development and testing.

avatar for David Johnson

David Johnson

Open Source Developer, Apigee
Dave Johnson is an open source developer who specializes in web technologies, social software and open standards. Dave works for Apigee and is active in several open source projects at the Apache Software Foundation and elsewhere. Dave is an experienced speaker who has spoken at ApacheCon... Read More →

Tuesday November 18, 2014 10:00am - 10:50am CET

1:30pm CET

Apache Camel In The Belly Of The Docker Whale - Henryk Konsek, Red Hat
Do you enjoy a lightweight messaging with the Apache ActiveMQ? Do you find Apache Camel message routing amusing? Of course, we all do! Do you hate deployment of the messaging solution? Do you hate it with a passion? Of course, we all do...

Is there something we can do to make messaging deployment more fun? Does it have to be so difficult, error prone and annoying?

If you can't sleep at night because you are asking yourself those questions over and over again, this talk is for you. I will tell you what the big blue whale called Docker can do for you, so you can sleep tight again.

avatar for Henryk Konsek

Henryk Konsek

Senior software engineer, Red Hat
I create large-scale IoT solutions. Engineer at Red Hat. Rhiot project founder.

Tuesday November 18, 2014 1:30pm - 2:20pm CET

2:30pm CET

Apache Zookeeper In The Wild - Rakesh Radhakrishnan, Huawei Technologies
A high-performance centralized coordination service is a critical component for any distributed application. Apache Zookeeper is such a component and it has been in the past few years a practical solution to cluster coordination. When running ZooKeeper in production, however, there are many issues that one needs to be aware of, like proper connection management, number of direct children of a single node, herd effect, watcher implementations etc. In this presentation, I will cover some of my experience while running ZooKeeper in production.

avatar for Rakesh R

Rakesh R

Technical Lead Engineer, Huawei Technologies
Rakesh is a committer of Apache ZooKeeper project and PMC of Apache BookKeeper project. He is System Architect with Huawei in their Bangalore R&D Center. He works on the enhancement and stabilization of Hadoop platform(especially HDFS), ZooKeeper, BookKeeper components to meet the... Read More →

Tuesday November 18, 2014 2:30pm - 3:20pm CET

3:50pm CET

Enabling IoT With Apache Etch And Coap - Giorgio Zoppi, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
The talk introduces the work that we have done about Apache Etch framework and shows the simple steps which have to be done to enable an application to be used as part of the Internet of the things with COAP Protocol.
It shows the features of Etch, such as fully bidirectional client to server communication, synchronous and asynchronous calls, data modelling, error handling and performance and its new binding with COAP as transport protocol. Adding this new protocol to Apache Etch enables its stack to communicate efficiently with Internet Web of Things in language neutral way. The Apache Ecosystem will benefit from those changes to Etch, because it will have a new way to implement network services for constrained resources network (i.e. wireless network or sensor networks).

avatar for Giorgio Zoppi

Giorgio Zoppi

Software Engineer, PacketFabric Inc.
It is a personal project for investigating new Internet of Things world and try to connect it to a board. In my past I worked as consultant in Ericsson Research. My last public speech was a couple of months ago at Python Meetup Barcelona, where I spoke about web2py.

Tuesday November 18, 2014 3:50pm - 4:40pm CET

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